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Kevin Rudd 03 Dec 2007 26th Prime Minister
Ministers of the new Labor government led by Kevin Rudd, with Julia Gillard as Australia’s first female deputy Prime Minister, sworn in by the Governor-General.
Kevin Rudd 03 Dec 2007 Signing Kyoto
Australia signed the Kyoto Protocol, the international agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions passed by the United Nations in 1997.
Kevin Rudd 13 Feb 2008 Welcome at last
The opening of Australia’s 42nd parliament was a milestone in Australian political history – the first to be preceded by a welcome to country from local Aboriginal people.
Kevin Rudd 14 Feb 2008 A nation moved
Crowds around Australia watched broadcasts from the House of Representatives when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd led a parliamentary apology for the effect of past government policies on Indigenous people.
Kevin Rudd 19 Apr 2008 2020 vision
1000 participants gathered at Parliament House for a two-day Australia 2020 Summit organised by the government to generate ideas and strategies.
Kevin Rudd 08 Aug 2008 Olympiad
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Thérèse Rein attended the opening of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing. They had been in China earlier that year during an official world tour.
Kevin Rudd 05 Sep 2008 25th Governor-General
Formerly the Governor of Queensland from 2003 to 2008, Ms Quentin Bryce was sworn in as Governor-General, the first female to hold this office.
Kevin Rudd 21 Jan 2009 US President Obama
Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States, is inaugurated.
Kevin Rudd 07 Feb 2009 Black Saturday
Bushfires in northern Victoria take 173 lives and destroy 2000 houses and 4500 square kilometres of country, exceeding the record of Australia’s worst bushfires, the 1983 'Ash Wednesday' disaster.
Kevin Rudd 31 Mar 2009 GFC, the G7 and the G20
Australia's more favourable performance during the global financial crisis (GFC), when all the G7 economies contracted, enabled the formation of a wider international body, the G20.
Kevin Rudd 01 Dec 2009 Abbott new leader
Tony Abbott became Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Opposition after a Party room vote against Malcolm Turnbull.
Kevin Rudd 01 Jan 2010 Fair Work program
The Howard government's controversial Work Choices is replaced with the new Fair Work program, a substantial change in industrial relations processes.
Kevin Rudd 26 Jun 2013 Prime Minister for the second time
In a leadership challenge, Kevin Rudd was elected Leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party and became Prime Minister for the second time.