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Janette Howard

A teacher and member of the Vaucluse branch of the New South Wales Liberal Party, Janette Parker met John Howard through the Liberal Party. Since their marriage in 1971, party colleagues have always been important in their social circle.

Janette and John Howard with Admiral Chris Barrie, 2001

Janette and John Howard with Admiral Chris Barrie at Parliament House for the Australian of the Year Award to General Peter Cosgrove (at rear, centre), 26 January 2001. Others include Des Mueller (rear talking to General Cosgrove) and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer with Air Vice Marshal Doug Riding (at far left).


The most public aspects of the role of prime ministerial wife are ceremonial functions, such as accompanying the Prime Minister on official tours, and duties at home as official host. As well as official visits overseas, Janette Howard hosted many state visitors to Australia including two United States ‘First Ladies’, Hillary Clinton in 1996 and Laura Bush in 2007, Mrs Kim Dae-jung, wife of the president of the Republic of Korea in 1999, and Queen Elizabeth II in 2000.

Janette Howard expressed a preference for a low profile as prime ministerial wife, but this neither relieved her from the duties of the role, nor prevented journalists observing the Howards as a political team. As prime ministerial wife Janette Howard maintained her interest in the party organisation and continued to attend federal council meetings as a keen observer.

The role of prime ministerial wife also includes arranging and hosting social events at the official residences – The Lodge in Canberra and Kirribilli House in Sydney – and spousal activities when international government forums are hosted by Australia. It was Janette Howard’s duty to arrange programs for the spouses of delegates who attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Queensland in March 2002 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Sydney in 2007.

John and Janette Howard and their children, 1987

John Howard, Janette Howard and their children at the launch of the Liberal Party campaign for the 1987 federal election.

NAA: A6135, K30/9/87/25

Janette Howard was active in all of John Howard’s election campaigns. If, as Pru Goward, co-biographer of John Howard, observed, Janette Howard ‘lives and breathes’ politics, she stood within the tradition started by Jane Barton in 1901, although variously interpreted since. The role of prime ministerial wife is to fulfil exacting public duties, but to do so without diverting the public gaze from the prime minister and his government.


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