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Gough Whitlam: Powerhouse Museum

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InstitutionPowerhouse Museum
500 Harris St
Ultimo, Sydney

Poster, ‘The Rockmelons’, Whitlam dismissal anniversary, Sydney, Australia, 1985.

Morning suit and tie, mens, wool / silk, made by RT Whyte’s Mansworld / Turnbull & Asser, used by Gough Whitlam, Canberra, Australia / England, 1973.

Dinner suit, mens, wool, made by Sam Catanzariti, used by Whitlam, Canberra, Australia, [1964].

Photograph, ‘Gough Whitlam pouring soil into the hands of traditional owner Vincent Lingiari’, by Mervyn Bishop, Northern Territory, Australia, 1975 – this photograph shows then Prime Minister Whitlam pouring soil into the hands of traditional land owner Vincent Lingiari in a hand-back ceremony in the Northern Territory in 1975. The photograph is in full colour and portrait format.

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