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James Scullin: Parliamentary Archives

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InstitutionParliamentary Archives
Houses of Parliament, London

Beaverbrook Papers (Sir William Maxwell Aitken, 1879–1964, Lord Beaverbrook, 1st Baron) – contains papers relating to, and correspondence with, James Scullin.

Search tips:

  • To find a catalogue description, use the online catalogue, Portcullis. On the search screen, enter ‘BBK’ into the RefNo field and keywords into the AnyText field.
    Note: The Beaverbrook Papers are arranged in 13 series. Correspondence is organised chronologically in these series and then in alphabetical order by correspondent. Relevant correspondence may be in files titled ‘Correspondence: Br-Bu’ or ‘Correspondence: S’.

  • A collection-level description of the Beaverbrook Papers can be found by entering ‘BBK’ into the RefNo field and the word ‘Fonds’ into the Level field of the search screen in Portcullis.

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