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Accession Number: 89/137
Austral, John Henry, 1948 – John Austral had a regular program on radio station 2GN where he commented on current affairs and politics. Austral was a fictional character who introduced a 15-minute dramatised radio program described as ‘part serial, part satire [and] part soapbox’. A total of 200 programs were broadcast twice weekly over the period April 1947 to December 1948. The programs were financed by the Liberal Party and played an important part in Menzies’ election at that time.
Records episodes 112–165 (incomplete). Titles include: ‘Threat from the Wilderness’, ‘Blasphemy Within’, ‘Freedom isn’t Free’, ‘Creeping Paralysis’, ‘Who Owns Big Business?’, ‘The Low Down on Communism’, ‘Educate or Perish’, ‘Pattern for Peace’, ‘Hello Slickers’, ‘How to Plan a Revolution’, ‘The Strongest Link of All’ and ‘Does Shopping Shorten Women’s Lives?’

Accession Number: 81/12
Foenander, Orwell de Ruyter, 1907–79 – correspondence, 1916–75; articles, 1929–57; reviews; newspaper cuttings; photographs; writings by Foenander; miscellaneous publications. Includes some correspondence with Menzies.

Accession Number: 105/36
Fraser, John Malcolm (1930– ), 1941–89 – family photographs. Includes photograph of Tamie Fraser, Malcolm Fraser and Prime Minister Menzies at Portland, Victoria, 1958 (record ID UMA/I/5994).

Accession Number: 107/10
Fraser, John Malcolm (1930– ), 1969–78 – subject files maintained as Prime Minister. Includes references to Menzies. Note: 346 of the 365 items in this series are currently held at the National Archives of Australia (formerly National Archives of Australia Series M1268).

Accession Number: 89/92
Hartnett, Laurence John, Sir (1898–1986), 1938–81 – includes best wishes from Menzies, 1963.

Accession Number: 74/63
Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division), 1945–73 – subject files and clipping files, 1952–72; press releases, salary sheets, summary of bills; state council material, 1966–69; central committee material, 1949–67; other committee material; conference files, 1958–72; federal elections, 1955–66; electioneering material, 1948–66; newspaper cuttings, 1950–73; state elections and electorates correspondence, 1968–70; state elections and general information, 1950–67; Young Liberal movement executive minutes, 1961–70; central committee, 1964–67; executive committee minutes, 1949–57; publications; minute book and central committee roll book, 1945–48.

Accession Number: 75/52
Menzies, Robert Gordon, Sir (1894–1978), 1966–67 – tapes of Menzies’ lectures delivered at the University of Virginia including an introduction by Dean Hardy Dillard, Dean of Law School, University of Virginia; lecture ‘Constitutional structure and the amending power’, 10 October 1966; lecture ‘Growth of Commonwealth power through judicial interpretation’, 24 October 1966; lecture ‘The judiciary and problems of defence’, 7 November 1966; lecture ‘Commonwealth constitution provision re. Commonwealth taxation’, 21 November 1966; lecture ‘Banking power of Commonwealth’ 4 January 1967; lecture ‘South East Asia and Vietnam’ undated. Photographs of Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson; University of Virginia Hall, 1969; Cabell Hall, University of Virginia; superimposed image of Thomas Jefferson; Newcomb Hall; the rotunda of the Library of Virginia; ‘University of Virginia academical village’. Also a letter from William H Crook to Menzies sending ‘Voice of America’ tapes of the lectures he presented to the faculty and students of the University of Virginia from October 1966 to January 1967, 17 April 1969.

Accession Number: 96/35
Sunderland, Sydney, Sir (1906–93), 1923–93 – correspondence relating to Sunderland’s associations with various societies and committees, academic and personal life, including letters from Menzies.

Accession Number: 92/140
University of Melbourne Council, 1931 – ballot papers and envelopes for graduate representation on the University Council (JA Laing, WS Littlejohn, JH MacFarland, GL Mayman, RG Menzies, F Shann and JF Wilkinson standing).

Accession Number: 98/50
University of Melbourne Photograph Collection, 1975 – four photographs taken when Menzies visited the University on 23 October 1975. In a wheelchair, Menzies was escorted by Sir David Derham, Mr Ray Marginson and other members of staff.

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