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InstitutionArchives Office of Tasmania
91 Murray St, Hobart

The collection includes records of Premier’s, Education and Treasury departments, photographs and various family history records.

Holdings include:

PD1 – Premier’s Department correspondence records 1883–1946
Records for the two periods of Joseph Lyons’ incumbency as Premier of Tasmania (1923–28) and his term as Prime Minister (1932–39) (where any federal matters in relation to Tasmania would be found). Volumes of correspondence for these years are referenced as PD1/1/376–PD1/1/446 and PD1/1/493–617, and are accessed by controlling series index PD3/1/20–25 and registers PD2/1/24–29 and 33–40. The link provided is to agency (record creator) level only as there are potentially other record series that may be of interest.

ED105/1 – Admission Register of the Stanley State School
Lyons’ admission to the school as a student is recorded here. Item referenced as ED105/1/1/1.

ED67/1 – Record of students’ marks, Hobart Teachers College 1906–45
Provides evidence of Lyons’ work at the training college in 1907. Item referenced as ED67/1/1/1.

ED2 – Applications for teaching positions and associated correspondence 1862–1905
Lyons’ application and correspondence is referenced at item level as ED2/1/1879, file 2113.

ED190 – Personal files of teachers 1908–68
Lyons’ file while employed by the Education Department is referenced at item level as ED190/1/1/37.

ED13 – Letterbooks of the Secretary/Director of Education Department 15/3/1857–28/2/1947
Volumes for the period 1895–1909 when Lyons was employed by the Department as monitor and later teacher. Each volume is indexed by name, and departmental letters to Lyons while in service may be found here. Volumes for these years are referenced as ED13/1/56-116.

ED31 – Inspectors’ reports on staff, teaching and organisation of schools 1890–1970
Organised by school and can be viewed for any of the schools at which Lyons worked from 1895–1909 (listed in his personal file, ED190). Series content varies and the link is supplied at the series level as items can only be identified when the names of the relevant schools have been established.

ED9 – General correspondence (3) of the Education Department 1905–16
Lyons was a Member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly from 1909 and there are two files in this series on matters educational in his electorate prior to his appointment as Minister for Education. These are referenced at item level as ED9/1/602 file, 211/1910 and ED9/1/662 file, 574 /1910. There will also be other records in this series that reflect Lyons’ work as Minister for Education (1914–16) and policy of the government, which are not identified at item level/file title by Lyons’ name.

ED10 – Correspondence (‘O’ Series) of the Education Department 1917–41
One item identified and referenced as ED10/1/652, file 0226/1928a.

TRE5 – General correspondence of the Treasury Department 1902–58
Two particular items can be identified by Lyons’ name and are referenced at item level as TRE5/1/953, file 2056 and TRE5/1/1536, file 3141. Not all relevant correspondence records will be identified with Lyons’ name for his period of time in state and federal government (and with the Treasury portfolio 1914–16) and other keywords should be used, for example ‘premier’s conference’, ‘prime minister’.

NS603 – Personal, ministerial and political papers of Neil LC Batt, incorporating early records of the Tasmanian Workers Political League 1911–80
Items of particular relevance include those identified as NS603/1/30-35, NS603/1/39-40 and NS603/1/47, which comprise records of the Central Executive of the Tasmanian Workers Political League and Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Labor Party (minutes, cashbooks, some correspondence and conference records).

PH30/1/3859, House of Assembly, c.1918.
PH30/1/3860, Group photographic portrait of J Ogden and J Lyons and some unidentified people, c.1918.
PH30/1/3864, Large group photograph of J Ogden and J Lyons, c.1910.

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