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Paul Keating: State Library of New South Wales

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InstitutionState Library of New South Wales
Macquarie Street, Sydney

The State Library of New South Wales has a small collection of audio and video cassettes with ABC and SBS television programs and ABC Radio programs on Paul Keating.

Holdings include:

SRL Film and Video call nos: VB5678 and VB8071
Labor in Power (two colour videocassettes), ABC video, c.1993, produced and directed by Sue Spencer, originally released as a five-part television series – includes over 120 interviews with politicians and public servants that illustrate the key elements of the Australian Labor Party’s 10-year rule, including the leadership battle between Bob Hawke and Keating.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB7903
Three Prime Ministers (one colour videocassette), SBS Educational Videos – three former prime ministers – Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke – discuss Australia’s future and the contemporary period of Australian politics with journalists Phillip Adams, Amanda Buckley and Paul Murphy. First seen on the television program Face the Press, c.1992, produced by John Walsh.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB7354
Paul Keating with Mary Kostakidis, SBS-TV, New South Wales, c.1994, interviewer Phillip Adams, director Tony Aslanidis, producer Mete Teoman, one colour videocassette – an interview with Prime Minister Keating shortly after his 50th birthday.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB5832
Sydney Olympics 2000: final presentation video shown in Monte Carlo in 1993 at the final bid meeting to decide which city would host the 2000 Olympic Games, one colour videocassette – includes speakers Paul and Annita Keating.

RAV/TAPE 1/805
Abortion [Working Nation], ABC Radio Tapes, Sydney, 1994, Angela Catterns on JJJ Radio, one sound cassette – Side 1: discussion on abortion in Australia. Side 2: discussion on the Working Nation policy white paper on unemployment with an emphasis on its impact on young people, including questions from callers and a brief interview with Keating.

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