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InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne Archives
Royal Parade
Parkville, Melbourne

Accession Number: 84/98
Howson, Peter, 1881–1956 – includes Liberal Party of Australia correspondence, 1949–51; campaign material (state and federal), 1948–55; Communist Party referendum material, 1951; subject files, 1947–55; speeches, 1949–52, material relating to Harold Holt, Robert Menzies, John Gorton and William McMahon.

Accession Number: 74/63
Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division), 1945–73 – subject files and clipping files, 1952–72; press releases, salary sheets, summary of bills; state council material, 1966–69; central committee material, 1949–67; other committee material; conference files, 1958–72; federal elections, 1955–66; electioneering material, 1948–66; newspaper cuttings, 1950–73; state elections and electorates correspondence, 1968–70; state elections and general information, 1950–67; Young Liberal movement executive minutes, 1961–70; central committee, 1964–67; executive committee minutes, 1949–57; publications; minute book and central committee roll book, 1945–48.

Accession Number: 83/110
Lynch, Phillip Reginald, Sir (1933–84), 1940–83 – correspondence; press releases; speeches including debating material, 1940; NUAUS, 1955–56; Liberal Party material; ministerial files; briefing material; Department of Labour and National Service public addresses; electoral files, 1972–81; Flinders electoral newsletters, 1967–82; Frankston Community Hospital, 1976–82; parliamentary reports and speeches; ALP material and speeches; Liberal Party policy papers; subject files; resignation, 1977–82; political notes; newspaper cuttings; material regarding ALP dismissal.

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