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InstitutionPowerhouse Museum
500 Harris St
Ultimo, Sydney

Booklet, Let’s Look out forAustralia, packaged with associated information on national security (known as the ‘anti-terrorism kit’), (2 copies), paper / plastic / magnetic strip, printed by PMP Print Pty Ltd, authorised by the Commonwealth government, Australia, 2003 – enclosed in a clear plastic wrapper for delivery by mail, the kit consists of a white paper cover sheet, ‘An important message from the Prime Minister’; an A4-sized booklet, Let’s Look out for Australia: Protecting our Way of Life from a Possible Terrorist Threat; a card with a fridge magnet attached, ‘Let’s look out for Australia’; and a two-page letter, dated 3 February 2003, addressed ‘Dear fellow Australian’ and signed ‘John Howard’.

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