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InstitutionState Library of New South Wales
Macquarie Street, Sydney

MAV/TAPE 1/87 SET (3 cassettes)
The Resolution of Conflict (sound recording accompanied by the book of the same title), by RJL Hawke, Boyer lectures, 1979, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney, 1980 – includes discussion of the structure of Australian government, the difficulties resulting from separate state government, unemployment, union–management relations, impact and consequences of new technology.

SRL Film and Video call nos: VB5678 and VB8071
Labor in Power (two colour videocassettes), ABC video, c.1993, produced and directed by Sue Spencer, originally released as a five-part television series – includes over 120 interviews with politicians and public servants that illustrate the key elements of the Australian Labor Party’s 10-year rule, including the leadership battle between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB4952
Make it Right! (one colour videocassette), Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Northern Land Council, Central Land Council, Canberra, c.1988, by Kim McKenzie – includes a speech by Prime Minister Hawke where he promises a treaty to be negotiated with the Aboriginal people.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB2842
Our Country our Future: The Environment Statement by Prime Minister Bob Hawke (one colour videocassette and one booklet), produced for the federal government by Film Australia, c.1989 – provides a visual overview of the environmental problems facing Australians intercut with excerpts from the launch of the federal government’s environmental program in July 1989, speeches by the Prime Minister, state premiers and concerned groups.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB2362
Five of a Kind, videotape of a 1985 ABC interview with five former prime ministers, producer Peter Reid, interviewer Huw Evans – features interviews with five successive prime ministers: John Gorton, William McMahon, Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke.

SRL Film and Video call no: VB7903
Three Prime Ministers (one colour videocassette), SBS Educational Videos – three former prime ministers – Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke – discuss Australia’s future and the contemporary period of Australian politics with journalists Phillip Adams, Amanda Buckley and Paul Murphy. First seen on the television program Face the Press, c.1992, produced by John Walsh.

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