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InstitutionNoel Butlin Archives Centre
Menzies Building, Fellows Road
Australian National University, Canberra

Australian Timber Workers’ Union, Victorian Branch, 1907–21 – includes rulebooks, conference reports and photographs.

Trade Union Officials, 1914 – a composite portrait consisting of individual photographs of the secretaries and presidents of the unions affiliated to the Victorian Trades Hall Council in 1914. Among them is a photograph of John Curtin, who was then the Secretary of the Timber Workers’ Union.

The Journalist, c.1912–92 – known variously as the Australian Journalist (1912–14) and the Australasian Journalist (1914–27), the Journalist was the official journal of the Australian Journalists’ Association. Curtin was President of the Western Australian Branch of the Australian Journalists’ Association from 1920 to 1925, and maintained his membership of the union.

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