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Correspondence of Evelyn Ernest Owen re Owen sub-machine gun, Australia, 1940–45 – the correspondence consists of 55 letters concerning the development and production of the Owen sub-machine gun. Many of the early letters are congratulatory ones; most of the later letters concern royalties paid to Owen and his application for tax exemption. Correspondents include Ben Chifley (Treasurer).

Letter to Evelyn Owen from PC Spender, Sydney, New South Wales, 11 May 1944 – stating he has written to Chifley, then Treasurer, about Owen’s request. Percy Claude Spender, lawyer, politician and diplomat, was a member of the Advisory War Cabinet, 1940–45 (part of Evelyn Owen Archive).

Letter to Evelyn Owen from JB Chifley, Commonwealth Treasurer, Canberra, ACT, 25 May 1944 – re taxation of his royalties for Owen sub-machine gun (part of Evelyn Owen Archive).

Compliments slip from Charles A Morgan MHR, 7 June 1945 – presumably forwarding letter from Chifley to Morgan (H8608-2/52). Accompanying the slip is a piece of paper on which is written ‘Mr Shandler / Dept of Wood Technology / 96 Harrington St’ (part of Evelyn Owen Archive).

Letter to Charles A Morgan MHR from Acting Prime Minister JB Chifley, Canberra, ACT, 1 June 1945 – re payment made to Evelyn Owen’s solicitor and Taxation Department (part of Evelyn Owen Archive).

Letter, with envelope, to CA Butler from JB Chifley, Minister for Defence, Canberra, 7 July 1931 – thanking him for his assistance in the search for Mr Ekin’s missing plane.

Program and information booklet, ‘Souvenir commemorating the commencement of work by the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority’, paper, Department of Information for Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority/Truth & Sportsman Ltd (print), Australia, 1949 – introduction by Prime Minister Chifley and photo of same.

Postage stamp, unused, ‘AUSTRALIA 10c / JB CHIFLEY’, ink / paper, part of Australian Prime Ministers series, Australia, issued 26 March 1975.

Collage, ‘The Number One Holden’, Bryan Westwood, paper / wood / glass, Sydney Holden Dealer Network, Australia, 1988 – collage consisting of an Australian flag, a twig of wattle, reproduction photographs of newspaper headlines, specifications for the car, drawings of the GMH logo, and Prime Minister Chifley accepting the first car off the production line.

Minute books (2) of shareholders’ / stockholders’ meetings of FT Wimble and Co. Ltd (New Company), paper, 1937–71 – mentioned briefly are the economic policies of the Chifley government, 1947.

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