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InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne Archives
Royal Parade
Parkville, Melbourne

Accession Number: 73/55
Bruce, Lord Stanley Melbourne, 1926 – MS translation from the Latin thought to be by Stanley Melbourne Bruce. Printed statement of Convocation of Cambridge University relating to the conferring of an honorary LL.D. on Bruce and the prime ministers of South Africa and Newfoundland, 26 November 1926.

Accession Number: 87/59
United Australia Party, August–September 1934 – United Australia Party Speakers’ notes for Commonwealth election campaign 1931 nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 1934 nos 1–8 (printed).

Accession Number: 79/69
Kilvington, Basil, 1877–1960 – includes a letter from Bruce introducing Kilvington, who was soon to travel to the United Kingdom and Europe, 1 March 1928.

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