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Oklahoma, OK!

While in the United States in June 1944, John and Elsie Curtin visited New York to see the Broadway hit, Oklahoma!

The Rodgers and Hammerstein musical had opened to rave reviews the year before, and delighted them both. Too keyed up to sleep after the show, John Curtin sent out for the score. The couple stayed up all night, with Elsie Curtin playing the songs on the hotel’s piano.

Adelaide production of Oklahoma, 1982.

Adelaide production of Oklahoma, 1982.

NAA: A6135, K7/5/82/3

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On 11 November 1975 Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismissed the government of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam after the Senate blocked essential Bills. As Whitlam was dismissed while he had a majority in the House of Representatives, the decision remains a constitutional problem for Australia. This was the only time a Governor-General issued a writ for an election without a request from the Prime Minister.

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