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Romancing the house

Andrew and Margaret Fisher lived in this tiny Queensland house in Maori Lane, Gympie as newlyweds.

The Fisher family moved from this house to a much grander home in East St Kilda, Melbourne, when Andrew Fisher became leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party in 1907.

In 1988 the ‘dilapidated and unwanted’ Gympie house was refurbished to mark its association with Australia’s fifth prime minister. It was moved to this new site and opened as the Andrew Fisher historical museum in 1996.

The Andrew Fisher Historical Museum, Gympie in 2001.

The Andrew Fisher Historical Museum, Gympie in 2001.

Shauna Hicks

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The High Court went on strike in 1905, when Attorney-General Josiah Symon cut back their expenses in a bitter feud with Chief Justice Sir Samuel Griffith.

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