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Gough Whitlam conceding election defeat in the National Tally Room, 1975.

Gough Whitlam conceding election defeat in the National Tally Room, 1975.

NAA: A6180, 16/12/75/37

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05 Dec 1972 21st Prime Minister
08 Dec 1977 19th Governor-General
09 Dec 1941 Declaration of war
09 Dec 1983 Floating the dollar
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11 Dec 1996 Telstra on sale
12 Dec 1906 1st referendum
12 Dec 1906 3rd federal election
13 Dec 1919 8th federal election
13 Dec 1919 Referendum
13 Dec 1946 Papua New Guinea
13 Dec 1956 ASIO Act
13 Dec 1975 30th federal election - House of Representatives and Senate seats (all 64 seats – double dissolution)
14 Dec 1995 Peace in Bosnia
16 Dec 1922 9th federal election
15 Dec 2010 Refugee tragedy

"Mr Hughes was endowed with nervous, physical strength beyond belief. He was tough as whip cord, had the endurance of a camel and the pluck of a prize fighter."

Herbert Campbell Jones, 1935